Our Approach

We are passionate and committed to providing our customers with great products and services and work hard in doing so. We understand that every customer environment is unique. We architect our solutions on a flexible platform that allows us to plug-in customized modules, on demand, to handle specific requirements of each customer deployment. Our plug-in architecture allows us to integrate our solutions with software from other providers.

Our Experience

We have been providing billing software and services since 1984. We have deployed over 300 billing systems over the course of last 30+ years. We have helped companies of all sizes and successfully met all performance and load requirements. We have continually enhanced our software to cater changing industry trends in rating, discounting and promotions. All of our experience allows you to smoothly bill your customers.

Our People

Success of technology solutions are determined by the people behind them. We put high premium on bringing in people the are dedicated to quality and to the extraordinary lengths they would go to achieve it. Once that critical ingredient is in, the results are just a matter of process and time. Our team is passionate about applying their technology expertise to billing problems. Our team's experience and expertise help our customers achieve their business goals.