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SpryBill mines your biling data. Delivers analytics & trends right to your inbox.

SpryBill - Business Intelligence

SpryBill - Business Intelligence provides the platform to mine your billing data to provide you with crucial reports, hidden insights and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and dynamic dashboards. Your billing data contains a treasure trove of information that will give you a pulse on how your business is doing from sales, revenue, operations and team perspectives. SpryBill analytics also gives you a thorough understanding of the trends that are prevalent in your billing data.

Make smarter business decisions based on the insights provided by SpryBill - Business Intelligence.

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Make decisions based on data, not on "hunches" or "gut-feelings".
SpryBill Analytics can provide the insights you need.

Key Features

Learn how SpryBill - Business Intelligence can help you ...

Acquisition vs. Attrition
Acquisition vs. Attrition

Ready-made Reports

  • Over 200 built-in reports
  • Visual, freeform, flash and composite report types
  • Reports for every team - executive, finance and billing
  • Export & share built-in and custom reports
  • Schedule reports to be delivered by email
Reports & Analytics

Astute Dashboards

  • Built-in dashboards for executives, finance and billing teams
  • Build custom dashboards that fit your needs
  • Get a snapshot of your current billing, revenue and operational information
Dashboards & Insights

Dashboard – Customer Snapshot
Customer Dashboard

Insightful KPIs

  • Improve customer relationships using customer insights
  • Convert sales data into revenue growth opportunities using product insights
  • Understand your revenue sources better
  • Get a quick glance at the current status of your revenue and billing operations
Insights & KPIs

Customer – Red Flags
Customer – Red Flags
Trends – Revenue Trend
Trends - Revenue Trend

Historical Trends

  • Trend analysis on historical billing data
  • Highlights trends in revenue, customers, usage/calls from past 8 years billing data
  • Start with yearly overview and dig into month-to-month trends
Historical Trends

Crucial Info At-A-Glance

Financial, product and operational insights at your fingertips.

SpryBill Business Intelligence Showcase

Get a sneak peek of some of SpryBill's analytics reports here. Call us for a full demo...

AR by Aging Period
AR by Aging Period
Customers by Billing Cycle
Customers by Billing Cycle
Call Trend by Day of Week
Call Trend by Day of Week