Markets We Serve

Subscription Economy

Our product offerings are primarily deployed in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode over the cloud. We employ multi-instance architecture where we have true application and data isolation. One customer’s application and data is completely separated and unaffected from others – drastically reducing the risks that can impact performance, reliability, and data security. Our cloud architecture facilitates high uninterrupted service availability as customer instances can be easily migrated to another cloud for maintenance or to handle emergencies. We provide a 24 X 7 seamless service experience.

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Convergent Telecom

Implementation of any new software in the back office is a challenging process. Our deployment teams are comprised of specialists from various disciplines – support, development, testing, training, and project management - to cover all bases of the implementation process. Our team is extremely knowledgeable, with decades of industry experience and lessons learned from numerous migrations, and help make the deployment process successful.

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Broadband (Internet)

Our software is designed to be intuitive. It is built with a consistent user interface where familiarity and knowledge of one module or screen serves you well across all other modules. The learning curve is generally quite gentle. Our training programs and materials help further cut the learning curve short. We are very flexible with our training offerings - in regards to the location, content, and duration – to meet your needs.

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Cable & Satellite

Our support team is comprised of industry experts and software engineers to provide you with expert advice and answers to all of your questions. We believe cutting over to our software is just the beginning and fully understand that you might need occasional help to fully leverage the software’s features.

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Cloud SaaS Providers (IT & Data)

Managed services provide an attractive alternative to self-managed billing. With managed services, you can hand-over day-to-day billing operations to our team of highly experienced billing experts and focus on revenue generation activities and growing your business. We utilize best-in-class tools, methodologies and processes in operating, supporting and maintaining the solution. We complement your team and help form an efficient and effective billing operation.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

True implementation success is not when you “go live” with the solution, but when you reach your business goals through continual use of the solution. We offer a variety of services that help you along the way. Leverage our knowledge of products, industry best practices, and our ability to develop and deliver rock solid software solutions.

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