Convergent Telecom

Convergent Telecom

Communication service providers (CSP) operate in highly competitive market where they are required to be innovative with their product offerings and be quick to market to stay attuned to changing market requirements. We have over 30 years of experience in helping our CSP customers successfully bill their customers and meet all challenges thrown at them by the competitive telecom market.

We have catered to customers that operate and bill, traditional Wireline, Mobile, VOIP, Prepaid, Retail and Wholesale. We have billed usage/calls that were in vogue one-time or another - Local Service, Long Distance, Toll-Free, International, Directory Assistance, Operator Assistance, E-911, Switched traffic, Dedicated traffic, Conference Calls, Pay Phone, SMS, Calling Cards, Collect calls, Casual Access, Premium (900), Roaming, Call Forwarding and Number Porting - to mention a few.

With SpryBill's high configurability, you can be confident that you can bill whatever your market demands today and also tomorrow.


If your customer base is spread across multiple markets and lines of business, you don’t need multiple billing systems. SpryBill can handle billing across multiple lines of business and allow you to generate convergent invoices & statements yet give you flexible options to group and compartmentalize the charges by line of business, department, or usage consumption center (service line) within the convergent statement. SpryBill is the billing system for you regardless of the number of markets or kinds of markets you serve.

Be Quick To Market

SpryBill makes accelerated feature delivery a reality. You can drastically reduce the time taken from product conception to product sales by leveraging the flexibility in setting up rating, discounting and bundling of your products. This shortening of time to market positions you to compete aggressively and stake your claim in the available customer base in the market.

Scalable On Demand

SpryBill is intrinsically built to rapidly scale on demand. Growth is a primary goal of every organization. Along with growth comes the need to scale your infrastructure to handle the growth. We can scale both horizontally and vertically to handle your load requirements. Our expert team is experienced in continuously monitoring the health of the infrastructure – CPU, IO, Memory, Storage – to ensure optimum performance. Our software is architected to take full advantage of available resources and is capable of processing billions of transactions in real time. Outgrowing your billing system will not be a concern.


SpryBill’s proprietary architecture allows us to handle the processing of high volumes of customers, products, invoices, and usage records (calls, messages etc.) without a drop in the performance. Our segmented database architecture allows to segment the workload and process them in parallel automatically when the load exceeds certain preset thresholds. Feel confident about your billing systems ability to handle additional load and grow fearlessly.


SpryBill leverages the Kilmist Process Control Framework to automate and manage all processes supported by the system – rating, taxing, billing, customer notification, etc. Schedule any process in the system to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Get notified automatically about the error status of the process by email and SMS.

Get an “at-a-glance” view of all running and queued processes. You can also change the order of execution and suspend running and queued processes from the Process Control Panel. Use the Job Calendar to verify and manage all scheduled processes.

Business Analytics

SpryBill includes a comprehensive suite of analytical reports that you can leverage to successfully manage your product catalog, preserve and grow your customer base, and increase profitability. SpryBill Dashboards offer an at-a-glance overview of information essential for your executive and management teams. Dashlets - individual presentation widgets in SpryBill Dashboard - provide financial, product and operational insights, and KPIs in an easy digestible interactive graphical representation (graphs, charts, bar diagrams, tables etc.). SpryBill Dashboards are included as part of the core SpryBill Analytics offering.

SpryBill analytics is an indispensable decision-making tool that gives you the big picture and also allows you to dig into the details. Leverage these business intelligence tools to make smart decisions and grow your business.