Deployment & Implementation


Implementation of any new software in the back office is a challenging process. Our deployment teams are comprised of specialists from various disciplines – support, development, testing, training and project management - to cover all bases of the implementation process. Our team is extremely knowledgeable, with decades of industry experience and lessons learned from numerous migrations, and helps make the deployment process successful.

Business Process Analysis

On-time and on-budget software implementations are a result of thorough analysis of the business processes and detailed planning of all phases of deployment. Our deployment team works closely with your team to collect information, determine scope of work, and put together a project plan to meet all the requirements.

Data Migration

We employ ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) experts (Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services) that are well experienced in migrating your data. As a first step of deployment we migrate your data and have the migrated system available for data migration verification by both teams.


At this stage of deployment our team handles branding and customizations that are specific to your needs. Development teams are involved to handle custom programming, if required. Custom modules are tested for quality and deployed on the migration system. Once again, we work closely with you to demonstrate the progress made at every stage with ample opportunity for your team to perform hands-on verification and ensure your specifications are met.


Our software integrates with various third party providers such as payment gateways and taxing services using pre-built plug-in modules. We cater to any specific needs that you might have in integrating our software with third party back office software that you have already invested in. Our implementation team will scope the integration work in the analysis phase and deploy the plug-ins to ensure seamless communication between the software systems.


Training will be carried out in parallel, with customization and integration tasks, using a clone of your migration system. We are very flexible in adapting our training program, in terms of location, depth of content coverage, duration and frequency of sessions, to meet your team’s needs. Please see training section for more detailed information. The goal of our implementation training is to ensure your staff is comfortable with using the software by the time we get to “Go-Live”.

Test Billing & Go-Live

By this stage, the system is configured to run billing processes and generate invoices and statements. We run test billing in parallel with your live system using the same billing data. We have heavily invested in development of our own migration test suite that compares the billing data from the 2 systems and pinpoints the differences. We generally run test billing on several prior months to ensure accuracy. Our deployment team works closely with your team to ratify the results and get sign-off to go-live.


Going live is the first step of the journey of collaboration between our teams. We offer a variety of aftercare services to maximum the ROI (return on investment) you have made in our software. We are at your service and ready to help with product support, professional services, business consultancy, and cloud services to meet your business goals.