Product Support

Product Support

Our support team is comprised of industry experts and software engineers to provide you with expert advice and answers to all of your questions. We believe cutting over to our software is just the beginning and understand that you might need occasional help to fully leverage the software’s features.

Dedicated Account Management

We assign a dedicated support manager that is familiar with account setup and data, to every customer account to provide timely help and advice. You can get in touch with your support manager either via phone or email to handle any challenging scenario that you might be facing. Our support managers have decades of experience in the industry and will not only help you with resolution to the issue at hand, but also recommend best practices in regards to business workflows.

Case Management

We use our own BriskCRM software to track all cases (trouble tickets) for every customer account. Best thing - you don’t need to leave our software to register a case with us. The case management interface is built right into our software. You can check the status of your cases by accessing the Support Activity screen in the software. You will receive a confirmation email immediately after you submit a case, which will be followed up promptly by our service representatives. You may also access our case management from our customer portal or simply email your issue to our support team. We are here to help.

Free Chat & Email Support

Not every issue you face is complex. We understand that sometimes you just need quick help on how to handle some situation. We do have extensive self-help tools easily accessible from right within the software. But we go beyond that to be accessible to your team to seek quick help - like you would lean over and ask a colleague of yours. Kilmist support chat is built into our products and instantly connects you to support representatives who will answer your quick questions and point you in the right direction for additional info. Or you can always email us with your questions if that suits your mode of operation better.

Call Us

We know that sometimes a chat or email does not cut it. You might be facing something more complex and you just need to talk to somebody. Pick up the phone and call us. Our service representatives are available to get the lowdown on what’s going on and help you get over the issue or at least find a quick work around to keep you going. We also employ remote desktop tools to provide remote trouble shooting.

24x7 Access

Our chat and email support is available 24 x 7 round the clock. Phone support is available during our regular business hours. We do accommodate exceptions for mission critical issues where phone support is made available through our hot-line. Our escalation workflow for case management ensures that we respond to all issues within 24 hours and get the right personnel (Level 2 support or developer support) to find solutions to your issues.