Our Partners

Our Partners

The days of being the sole solution provider for all enterprise needs of a customer are over. No man’s an island and no software or solution provider is an island either. Every solution needs to integrate with other enterprise solutions from different providers to round out a comprehensive growth platform for the customer. In order to achieve this, we have built various partnerships with leading solution and service providers in the industry. We are always looking to forge new partnerships to better serve our customers.

The bedrock of all of our partnerships has always been building long term mutually beneficial relationships. We work closely with our partners to complement their services with our own and ultimately empowering both teams to enhance our services for our mutual customer. By leveraging these strong relationships, we can together realize operational efficiencies and monetize growth opportunities.

Business Development Partners

We are constantly looking to enter new markets both locally and globally. We understand the importance of working with partners who are well versed in their area of expertise and geography. We are extremely interested in building relationships with value added resellers based on common core principals of trust and dedication to provide quality software/services to our customers. We empower our business development partners by providing the necessary training and marketing materials to succeed in growing the business.

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Referral Partners

Our referral partners introduce us to potential customers and in return receive a referral fee. Many of our referral partners turn out to be our customers and other service providers we already have a technology/strategic partnership with. Their hands-on experience with our software and services and their extreme satisfaction with us play a big role in them referring us. The additional revenue from referral fees is just the cherry on the cake.

Technology/Strategic Partners

Our technology and strategic partnerships are driven by our dedication to provide industry leading solutions to our customers, reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) of our products, and increase their return on investment (ROI). In order to achieve this, we cultivate relationships with top solution providers in various areas such as tax or payment processing. We also establish complimentary service relationships with our customers’ preferred solution/service providers that they might have already invested in. Here are some of our technology/strategic partners.

Payment Gateways

Tax Services

Application Partners

Service Partners


Network & Infrastructure