Cable & Satellite

Cable & Satellite

SpryBill is a comprehensive business support solution for LCOs (Local Cable Operators), Satellite operators, or MSOs (Multiple-System Operators) that covers all billing needs from Product Catalog Management to Customer Management and Revenue Management.

SpryBill’s tight integration with BriskCRM ensures that you have a complete solution that helps you acquire customers, provide them with a variety of competitive packages from your product catalog, bill them accurately, process payments, and provide top-notch customer support.

Competitive Product Catalog

Leverage SpryBill Product Management flexibility to put together packages and bundles that will allow you to compete and also stay ahead of your market/consumer needs. Offer premium channels as ala carte offerings, Pay-per-view one-time events, or package any combination of them as comprehensive bundles (Gold, Silver, and Diamond etc.)

Revenue Management - Growth

Use SpryBill Revenue analytics to thoroughly understand your revenue factors and predict consumer behavior at a micro-market level. SpryBill Revenue Insights will also help you identify the popular products (channels) and the sub-group of customers where the subscription numbers of favorable. You can focus on optimizing product availability in those segments and maximize revenue growth.

Customer Self Care Portal - Engagement

Allow your customers full access to their account via SpryBill Customer Self-Care Portal. Save big on customer support by having your customers self-manage their accounts – including payment processing. Improve your customer engagement by sending targeted portal messages to select customers – increase you cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

BriskCRM - Sales, Marketing & Support

BriskCRM’s tight integration with SpryBill helps you manage your leads, run marketing campaigns, close on opportunities, convert them to customers, and provide solid support using Case Management. You can do this all in one integrated suite – cutting down on solution acquisition and maintenance costs and eliminating integration issues.