Cloud SaaS (IT & Data)

Cloud SaaS Providers (IT & Data)

If you are providing cloud based SaaS services, it is more than likely your pricing is based on usage – whether it is data transfer, data storage or some sort of consumable. To compete in the marketplace, you need to put together compelling product catalog combined with innovative pricing schemes. SpryBill can help you make the jump by providing an end-to-end billing solution that will cover your most complex requirements yet remain cost-effective.

Flexible Rating

SpryBill Rating can process any type of usage record. It is highly configurable and allows you to rate the usage by any set of parameters that the usage record contains. It supports tiered rates, per-record rates, minimum rate per record, and several other advanced rating features that will allow you to put forth innovative product offerings to your customers. SpryBill's rating engine is highly optimized and can rate your usage volume in real-time.

Competitive Product Catalog

Leverage SpryBill Product Management flexibility to put together packages and bundles that will allow you to compete and also stay ahead of your market/consumer needs. Offer premium channels as ala carte offerings, Pay-per-view one-time events, or package any combination of them as comprehensive bundles (Gold, Silver, and Diamond etc.)

Customer Communication Management

Leverage Kilmist Communication Manager bundled with SpryBill to maintain healthy lines of communication with your customers by notifying them of new and exciting offers, any status changes in their accounts or alerts about reaching their thresholds on data limits. You can deliver the messages via email or SMS. Improve your customer service by providing the alerts and notifications that customers today have come to expect from a broadband/communication provider.

Business Analytics

SpryBill Analytics provides deep insights into every aspect of usage processing and billing. It also provides clear analysis of trends from month-to-month in your usage and billing data. These can be utilized to establish fantastic operational efficiencies.

Comprehensive Services

We become your true partner and help you streamline your billing operations with our comprehensive list of support services. Our cloud and hosting services reduce your operating costs and provide you with on-demand scalability. Our training services ensure that you leverage SpryBill features to maximize your return on investment (ROI). With managed services, you can hand-over day-to-day billing operations to our team of highly experienced billing experts and focus on revenue generation activities and growing your business.