Our software is designed to be intuitive. It is built with consistent user interfaces where familiarity and knowledge of one module or screen serves you well across all other modules. The learning curve is generally quite gentle. Our training programs and materials help further cut the learning curve short. We are very flexible with our training offerings - in regards to location, content and duration.

Location Flexibility

We offer training sessions on site at your location (our instructors will visit your offices), at our offices (your team travels to our premises) or online (remotely via web – no travel). All are instructor led sessions scheduled and tailored to your teams’ specific needs. Our expert trainers evaluate the skill level of your staff, their roles and responsibilities and determine the modules and functionalities of the software to focus the training on. We believe learning predominantly happens by doing. We incorporate hands-on workshops into the training program so your staff has practical experience with the software. We allow for ample discussion during training where all questions pertaining to your workflow are clearly answered.

Trainee Focused Content

We offer different training tracks based on the roles and responsibilities of the trainees. We cater to all of your IT administrator, executive team, and end-user training needs. We train our partners and resellers using our train-the-trainer tracks. We also equip our resellers to perform independent training sessions by providing them with excellent training materials (videos and guides).

Stretchable Duration

Based on the skill level of your team we customize our training program duration. We run crash courses (2 to 4 hours) that give an overview of the software and navigation fundamentals to get your teams started quickly. Follow-up sessions can be schedule on need basis. Short term courses (8 to 16 hours) cover all key features of the software and best practices to follow in performing the key tasks. Our expert level training covers the software comprehensively with ample hands-on exercises, with the goal of turning your team into specialists in our software use.


Our eLearning platform provides a great alternative to our live lessons. These eLearning sessions are instructor led video introductions to various features of our solutions. Also, eLearning allows each member of your team to learn the software at their own pace, pausing as often as they would like, mixing in hands-on feature tryouts. Access to our training videos is built right into our software. We accommodate follow-up sessions with our trainers to address any questions that arise from eLearning. This results in efficient use of your staff’s time while yielding the same great results as in live instructor led training sessions.

Ongoing Learning

Our solutions constantly evolve as we take user feedback and enhance the feature set. We are committed to releasing quarterly updates comprising the enhancements. Our release notes are accompanied by videos that demonstrate how to use the new features. Our software auto-updates itself on start and release video tutorials become instantly available from the software as part of the updates. Our eLearning content provides “How-to-do” tutorials and feature guides. The content is constantly updated and easily searchable to allow users get instant instructional video help on any topic.