A full service CRM system that comes pre-integrated with billing

Manage your sales, marketing and support operations while always being in sync with your billing system.


BriskCRM is a comprehensive CRM solution that allows your sales, marketing and support teams to manage full customer life cycle seamlessly - from initial contact (lead management) to successful sales, billing and customer support phases. Case Management streamlines your support operations and helps you improve your customer experience and satisfaction. BriskCRM's collaboration tools help your team manage your projects efficiently.

BriskCRM is fully integrated with SpryBill and eliminates all implementation costs associated with integrating the CRM solution with the billing system.

Take a look at BriskCRM features and see how your teams can excel with an integrated Billing/CRM solution.

BriskCRM Platform Marketing Support Sales Collaboration

When preparation meets opportunity

BriskCRM "prepares" your sales team to meet your "opportunities" head-on.

Key Features

Learn how BriskCRM can help streamline your customer life cycle management ...

Monetize Opportunities

Monetize Opportunities

  • Classify, rank and convert your leads
  • Manage your sales pipeline with clarity
  • Never lose a contact
  • Easy account management with Account 360-Degree View

Run Smart Campaigns

  • Target your marketing efforts with greater accuracy
  • Track campaign success & effectiveness
  • Equip your salesforce with a clear marketing strategy against each competitor

Run Smart Campaigns

Streamline Support Services

  • Provide timely and prompt support services using Case Management
  • Provide ready access to knowledge & better customer support using FAQs
  • Publish informative articles & reduce support costs

Streamline Support Services
Improve Team Collaboration

Improve Team Collaboration

  • Never miss an appointment, let BriskCRM notify you and keep you punctual
  • Track your sales, marketing and support tasks
  • Leverage team calendars to coordinate your team meetings and efforts
  • Manage your projects better
Team Collaboration

Cultivate a loyal customer base by providing timely and prompt support services to your customers.
BriskCRM's Case Management will help immensely.

BriskCRM Showcase

Get a sneak peek of some of BriskCRM's cool features here. Call us for a full demo...

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Lead Management
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