Broadband & Internet

Broadband (Internet)

Broadband services have become essential commodities for the consumer similar to utilities like electricity and water. Customers have come to expect their Cable/Satellite providers and telecom/wireless service providers to also offer broadband. Whether you provide exclusively broadband services or provide them in conjunction with cable, satellite, telecom or wireless, SpryBill’s got your back in acquiring and managing the customers and their recurring billing.

Powerful Billing

We understand that you need to be able to alter your charging schemes to better compete and to be aligned with what the market demands. SpryBill includes powerful charging options that will allow you to implement product lines with unlimited data plans or data caps on base packages with incremental charges on per MB/GB.

Flexible Bundling

With SpryBill Bundles feature you can create double-play or triple-play packages by bundling your services from different lines of business such as Cable TV, IPTV, Broadband, VOIP, and Wireless. SpryBill’s convergent billing platform consolidates all charges across the lines of business into a single invoice for each customer. Simplify billing both for you and your customers.

Customer Communication Management

Leverage SpryBill Communication Manager to maintain healthy lines of communication with your customers by notifying them of new and exciting offers, any status changes in their accounts, or alerts about reaching their thresholds on data limits. You can deliver the messages via email or SMS. Improve your customer service by providing the alerts and notifications that customers today have come to expect from a broadband/communication provider.