Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Our product offerings are primarily deployed in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode over the cloud. We employ multi-instance architecture where we have true application and data isolation. One customer’s application and data is completely separated and unaffected from others – drastically reducing the risks that can impact performance, reliability and data security. Our cloud architecture facilitates high uninterrupted service availability as customer instances can be easily migrated to another cloud for maintenance or to handle emergencies. We provide a 24 X 7 seamless service experience.

Reduce Operating Costs

Our cloud services are hosted on the latest versions of Microsoft server infrastructure and database servers (SQL Server). Our experienced personnel install and maintain the infrastructure and updates on a daily basis. We also handle daily backups and storage of your application and data. The purchase and maintenance costs associated with developing and supporting hardware and software infrastructure for a complex software application is well documented. Our cloud services provide you a state-of-the-art offering in both infrastructure and maintenance for a fraction of the cost that you would otherwise incur.

Predictable Expense

IT and infrastructure expenses spike up due to the occurrence of tech disturbances from time to time. Our cloud services, offered at a predetermined fixed price, shield you from cost spikes. You can set your business budgets confidently and adhere to your spending guidelines.

On Demand Scalability

Our cloud infrastructure allows dynamic scaling to accommodate any changes in your data, bandwidth, and performance needs. Scaling a state-of-the-art data center infrastructure is an expensive proposition. Leverage our pay-as-you-grow data model to keep your cost low and scale on demand. Grow your business and take full advantage of business opportunities.

Improved Security

Our data center is located in secure facilities with - card access to authorized personnel only, smoke and heat detection, online alarms, and power redundancies. Our infrastructure is expandable to accommodate additional capacity. We perform 24 X 7 monitoring of all user access to the systems. Any unauthorized access, including wrong usernames and password, raises a digital alarm that is immediately addressed. Our built-in security features such as mandatory strong passwords, password protection, automatic locking of user accounts when attempts are made with wrong credentials, and the ability to implement private clouds using IP Whitelist and IP Blacklist all go a long way in keeping your data safe.

Continuous Innovation

We believe it is important to keep the back-office infrastructure leading edge. We constantly upgrade our hardware and software platform to the latest releases. We are committed to quarterly updates to all of our product offerings. The updates are production-tested and then seamlessly deployed to all customer instances by our experienced staff. Any client modules on your computers auto-update through the cloud without your IT involvement. We achieve continuous improvements for you without a dent in your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Improved Productivity

Cloud deployment eliminates the need to manage hardware, software, network, and IT personnel. Our stable infrastructure and its maintenance minimize downtime and vastly improves your operational efficiency. Have your staff leverage their core competencies and focus on streamlining your business processes and thereby improve your bottom line.