Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed services provide an attractive alternative to self-managed billing. With managed services, you can hand-over day-to-day billing operations to our team of highly experienced billing experts and focus on revenue generation activities and growing your business. We utilize best-in-class tools, methodologies, and processes in operating, supporting and maintaining the solution. We complement your team and help form an efficient and effective billing operation.

What We Do

As part of managed services, we provide following services.

  • Dedicated billing manager
  • Import rates
  • Procure CDRs from carriers
  • Process CDRs – mediation, rating and taxing
  • Coordinate with your team & resolve all CDR processing errors
  • Run billing & generate invoices for all billing cycles
  • Reconcile billing and obtain sign-off from your team
  • Post invoices, generate statements and notify your customers
  • Generate reports and deliver to your team
  • Import payments
  • Resolve billing issues and support your team
  • Provide BSS guidance

Cost Savings

Managed services can be seen as strategic outsourcing of day-to-day billing operations to BSS experts while cutting costs at the same time. Managed services cost a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time BSS operations manager. You would not be dependent on a single person, but rather a team of experienced BSS professionals to jump in and get the job done. We work hand-in-hand with your team to help stay competitive and reduce costs.

Interim or Long Term

Managed services can be leveraged in a variety of ways based on your business size and personnel. You can use our managed services for a period of time after going live and ease your billing team into self-managing as soon as they are proficient with the billing system. In this model, we ensure that your team is fully prepared to take over by the end of the project. Managed services can be utilized to meet operational efficiencies, improve performance and reduce operational costs. This can be achieved by forming a long-term partnership with your team to complement them to meet your BSS needs. In this model, we function as an extension of your team, evolve with your team, and continue to help reach your roadmap goals.

Ultimately, you decide the model that fits your needs strategically.