Professional Consulting

Professional Services & Consulting

True implementation success is not when you “go live” with the solution, but when you reach your business goals through continual use of the solution. We offer a variety of services that help you along the way. Leverage our knowledge of products, industry best practices, and our ability to develop and deliver rock solid software solutions.

Custom Development

Our development team has proven its chops in architecting and delivering complex, highly scalable enterprise solutions with a great eye for usability. We excel in developing solutions built on Microsoft technologies - .Net framework, ASP.Net MVC framework, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and Microsoft SQL Server. We extend the same skillset, as part of our development services, to architect software solutions to fill any gaps in your back-office automation. The development of products will be carried out using industry standard development and management methodologies to ensure success.

Custom Documentation

Our software solutions are shipped with various guides and help documentation. We also work with our customers to develop custom documentation to provide guidance on specific ways that your team uses our solution in your business workflow.

Web Design & Documentation

Our development excellence extends to web solutions as well. We can help you get our portals integrated to your web site and applications. We can also fill any gaps you may have in your web based service offerings that will allow you to cater to your customers’ needs.


Our software solutions are built based on plug-in methodology. We have integrated our solutions with various third party services whether it is payment gateways or tax services. We can help you integrate our solutions with any other back office solutions that you may have already invested in.


Business requirements change continually. Our solutions are built to produce optimal results in all deployment scenarios – high data volume, low data volume, high traffic, low traffic etc. Leverage our knowledge of the configurability of our software to produce maximum results as your business requirements change. We augment and complement your strengths to produce maximum return on your investment and your revenue potential.

Product Consulting

We have been deploying our BSS solutions to different telecom businesses for over 30 years. It isn’t a stretch to say we have a good handle on the in-and-outs of our solutions and BSS best practices. Our product consulting services will help you figure out how to leverage our solutions to create a solid foundation for your back-office operations.

Operational Consulting

Our experienced staff can review your business workflows and streamline day-to-day operations and ensure smooth running of our solution and your operations. We help you quickly detect problems and bottlenecks and either resolve them or provide workarounds to keep the system operational. Our consulting services also help foresee potential issues in your workflows and make necessary adjustments to maximize the solution performance.