Portal Benefits

Why You Need a Portal?

Reduce Operating Costs

It is cost effective to allow your customers to help themselves rather than pay for an employee and the communication costs to offer support. According to Supportindustry.com, implementing a self-service portal for customers will lower customer service requests by more than 15%. Reduced ticket volume, in turn, leads to reduced costs.

Engage Your Customers

Provides customers direct access to your organization and gives them a greater sense of involvement and control. The customer portal will be viewed as a valuable communications and workflow resource. Use rewards programs within the customer portals to increase customer engagement. The customer portal can be combined with outbound email marketing to build portal usage and customer loyalty.

Increase Efficiency

Customers save time by skipping support queues or waiting on return calls and emails. Your staff spends less time dealing with repetitive customer service issues and can focus on issues more critical to your business.

Improve Overall Customer Experience & Retention

A well-designed self-service portal will make it easy for your customers to get the service they need, when they need it. This leads to greater customer satisfaction and thus better customer retention.

Monetize New Revenue Opportunities

A self-service portal can be an excellent way to easily communicate with your customers regarding new services or products. Generate up-sell and cross sell opportunities. Provide customers with information that allow them to make informed choices e.g., calculator tools, explanations of products, etc. Content will be a key strategy to develop long term customer loyalty as well as generate new sales.