Billing Platform

SpryBill Billing Platform

Cloud Computing Architecture

SpryBill is built on a modular cloud computing architecture and delivered in single tenant SaaS mode. The core billing services and your data is hosted and maintained by Kilmist and the application is accessible over the web via our auto-updating thin client. Single tenant deployment ensures that your application instance is independent of any other deployed instance. Updates, customizations, modifications and resource usage of any other instance does not affect your application instance. Your application instance can scale independently based on your needs.

Operational Security

Our operational security policy employs round-the-clock monitoring and granular controls to audit and detect intrusions. We utilize the Principle of Least Authority (POLA) and assign only privileges to personnel that are necessary to do their job. Unauthorized connection attempts are logged and investigated. All entrances are alarmed and monitored. Access to our data center is only allowed to authorized personnel. You can enjoy security controls without incurring the economic burden typical for in-house or on-premise deployments.

Data Protection

Our data management policies and procedures ensure that your data is backed up on a daily basis and the application databases are maintained and tuned for performance periodically. Redundant backups are stored both onsite and offsite to handle disaster scenarios. Our recovery policy and tools give us the ability to restore your data quickly and reliably.

Hot Standby
As part of our hosting and cloud services, we actively maintain a hot standby backup of your primary application instance. Your entire application instance including setup, database and data files are backed up periodically. A “hot standby” is the application instance that is built from the last backup of your application instance. The hot standby instance is updated immediately after the backup of the primary instance finishes. In the unlikely event of your primary server failure, you can switch to the hot standby instance to continue using your application without major delays.

Data Archiving
We also provide data archiving capabilities, storing your application data for up to 8 years to meet regulatory obligations. Archived billing data can be accessed to run trend analysis to shed light on ongoing changes in your business and revenue.


SpryBill is built from the ground-up as a collection of extensible, standards-based SOAP APIs. The entire billing platform functionality is exposed in the form of web services. The thin client application used to access the application functionality connects to the server over HTTP via web service APIs. We use that same API to integrate SpryBill with BriskCRM, our customer relationship management solution. The same web services are available for you to leverage and integrate SpryBill with other back office systems such as CRM, ERP and Accounting, that you may have already invested in.

On-Demand Scalability

SpryBill is intrinsically built to rapidly scale on demand. Growth is a primary goal of every organization. Along with growth comes the need to scale your infrastructure to handle the growth. We can scale both horizontally and vertically to handle your load requirements. Our expert team is experienced in continuously monitoring the health of the infrastructure – CPU, IO, Memory, Storage – to ensure optimum performance. Our software is architected to take full advantage of available resources and is capable of processing billions of transactions in real time. Outgrowing your billing system will not be a concern.

Highly Configurable

With over 30 years of experience in providing billing services, one thing we have learned is that - no two businesses operate in a similar fashion even if they are serving in the same domain. We have infused SpryBill with our extensive experience to cater to a wide variety of billing requirements. The result is an extremely configurable system that should handle even your “way out there” billing needs without any custom coding or costs associated with it.

In addition to configuration and settings, you can customize the application by adding custom data fields to any entity in the system to store data that is pertinent to your organization. You can determine the data columns listed in all entity lists and add custom pick lists to support your choices for any custom data field. Create custom reports (report views) and derivative reports to meet the quirks in your reporting requirements. Customize the display and presentation of your statements without any programming effort. All of these features ensure that your billing system is functioning very close to your custom specifications.

Integrations (Plug-In Expansion)

We understand that businesses grow and evolve and with that your needs change. For example, you may choose to handle the maintenance of tax rates when your business is smaller and confined to a limited geographic area. However, as you grow you may choose to avail third party tax computation services. You need a billing system that can accommodate such changing requirements.

The SpryBill billing platform is made of a collection of plug-in modules based on a clearly defined functional interface. Every functionality in the application is built as a plug-in module that can be unplugged and replaced with another. We use this method of integration to ensure SpryBill works with various third-party solutions provided by many of the industry’s key solution vendors in Payment Processing, Address Validation, Credit Scoring, and Print & Mail services. The same plug-in integration platform is utilized to support more than 300 Mediation, and Rate & Tariff Data plug-ins.

Process Control & Automation

SpryBill leverages Kilmist Process Control Framework to automate and manage all processes supported by the system – rating, taxing, billing, customer notification etc. Schedule any process in the system to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Get notified automatically about the error status of the process by email and SMS.

The Process Control Panel allows you to get an “at-a-glance” view of all running and queued processes. You can also change the order of execution and suspend running and queued processes from the Process Control Panel. Use the Job Calendar to verify and manage all scheduled processes.

Workflow, Triggers & Notifications

SpryBill incorporates Kilmist Enterprise Workflow by implementing various events throughout the system. You can setup a process workflow by subscribing to be notified when a particular event is triggered. SpryBill supports a variety of conditions associated with each event. Choose the conditions that need to be met in order to be notified of an event. Triggers can also be leveraged to conditionally start additional processes via Job Scheduling. SpryBill supports notifications sent via email and SMS. These triggers and notifications can be leveraged for disaster response, approvals, provisioning and more.