SpryBill statements are PDF versions of posted invoices that can be printed and mailed, emailed and/or posted to customer portal for your customers to easily download. Invoices contain a whole lot of info – charges, usage (calls), deposits, discounts and taxes. Invoice presentation plays a huge role in not only simplifying the invoice, but also establishing your brand in the process.

Template-Based Statements

Make it easy for your customer to clearly understand their invoices by leveraging SpryBill stock statement templates. We have multiple statement templates to choose from based on your customers’ needs. Stock templates can easily be branded using your company logo and contact information. We can also develop custom statement templates to exactly fit your invoice presentation needs. You can generate multiple PDF versions (summary and detailed) of an invoice for a customer account.

Department Statements

Use SpryBill department templates to generate separate informational statements for each internal department of your customer account, with charges and calls pertaining to the department. Continue to generate comprehensive account statements that include all charges of the customer in addition to departmental statements.

Multiple Languages

Customer statement templates can be added to support multiple languages. SpryBill allows you to cater to customer bases with different languages.

Custom Messages

Statement templates provide multiple sites (parts of page) where you can dynamically insert custom messages during statement generation. You can also target specific groups of customers with targeted messages, using advanced customer data parameters as a filter. Display different message in the same spot for different customers based on rules.

SMS & Email

Notify your customers that their statements are ready by sending SMS and email messages. Attach generated PDF file to notification emails. Each statement template can be configured to be generated and delivered to multiple recipients. Different contacts of a single customer account can receive different statement versions – summary to executive team and detailed version to accounting department.

Notification Templates & Tokens

Customize the subject and content of the SMS and email messages using SpryBill communication templates. SpryBill communication templates support token embedding in both subject and content of the template messages where the tokens will be replaced by customer specific data (similar to Mail Merge in Microsoft Word).

Print & Mail

Package all statement PDF files in a zip file, based on rules, to be either printed by you or sent to any Print & Mail service provider of your choice. Of the multiple statements generated for a single invoice, choose the ones that need to be emailed and those that need to be sent for printing. You can choose to email detailed invoices with all the call detail and print the summary version to save on printing costs.


Run all statement related processes (generation, notification/delivery, print & mail packaging) in batch mode where you can process a single customer / invoice or multiple customer accounts in bulk. You can schedule the statement processes to run unattended periodically using the SpryBill job scheduler.