Usage Mediation


SpryBill has a built-in library that can process over 300 different CDR formats. A state-of-the-art plug-in architecture that allows addition of new CDR streams easily.

CDR Validation

Parse and validate CDRs of any format (CSV, Fixed Length, Binary or EMI) from various upstream sources by verifying record format and field contents. Filter and discard certain CDRs based on rules.


Dip CDR records in V&H databases (Valucom or Telcordia/Ericsson LERG) to enhance input CDR fields to be used in CDR classification, rating, taxing, auditing and business analytics down the line. Customize V&H data such as country name, city name and place descriptions to fit your needs.


Convert raw input CDR records to a standard SpryBill CDR format (unified data store). This allows aggregation of partial CDRs to a master CDR record, classify CDRs by executing user defined business rules.

CDR Storage

Store standard SpryBill CDRs (converted) in proprietary segmented database that allows us to scale the CDR processing infrastructure horizontally to handle any increase in your traffic volume.


Automate SpryBill's Mediation process by leveraging the Job Scheduler and process multiple CDR streams simultaneously without any user intervention.

Error Handling

Obtain detailed reports on all errors in the mediation process. Account for every single CDR in the stream with the ability to examine, fix, and reprocess all errored CDR records.

High Speed

Leverage our hosted infrastructure and fine tuned SpryBill Mediation modules to process your high-volume traffic at a very high speed (5000 records/sec).