Ad-hoc Billing

Generate invoices on demand by choosing the customers and the products and services you would like to bill. Post the invoices and instantly update the account balances.

Subscription Billing

Generate recurring invoices based on the elastic billing parameters setup at the customer and product assignment levels. Generate invoices regularly on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis for all one-time product/service charges, applicable recurring charges, and all usage charges.

Usage-Only Billing

In addition to Ad-hoc and Subscription billing, SpryBill supports usage only billing that allows you to invoice usage (calls) only for your wholesale customers (high consumption) on a regular basis. This helps you to reduce your liabilities by billing large volume customers more frequently.

Single or Bulk

Run billing to generate invoices for a single customer or multiple customers in bulk. Generate invoices in bulk for entire customer groups or billing cycles. The SpryBill billing engine is fine-tuned to generate thousands of invoices in a very short amount of time.


SpryBill's billing process automatically calculates taxes for all invoice line items and usage records (calls) included in the invoice. Taxing is carried out seamlessly as part of billing, based on the rules setup for SpryBill native tax engine or third party tax engine.

Trial Billing

Configure the billing process to just generate invoices without posting them to the accounts in order to run trial billing. This gives an opportunity to run reconciliation and ensure billing results are as expected or within acceptable range before proceeding to posting the billing results.


SpryBill's invoice posting process updates all GL buckets with appropriate amounts based on the GL accounts setup for various products and services. Generate GL Summary and Detail reports to import billing data directly into your accounting system.


Schedule SpryBill to run billing and generate invoices for your customer accounts on a regular basis without manual intervention from your billing staff. Rather, have your staff focus on important tasks like billing reconciliation, identifying billing discrepancies, and revenue leaks.


Rely on SpryBill’s powerful deactivation process which undoes all invoice generation operations including invoice creation, charges, and taxes when you detect errors in your billing setup. With a push of a button simply deactivate the batch to reset everything back to the state prior to the billing that was in error. Fix your billing setup and rerun billing. It can’t get any easier than that.