Insights & KPIs

Insights & KPIs

SpryBill Analytics turns your billing data into actionable intelligence that provides a strong foundation for creating your business strategies. Through SpryBill Insights and KPIs gain a deep understanding of your customers, your product catalog, your revenue streams and your usage/consumption. Based on the insights you can stop churn and grow your customer base, diversify your product catalog, and increase your revenue.

Customer Insights

SpryBill Customer Insights enables you to improve relationship with your customers by answering important questions such as -

  • Which customers are consistently behind on their payments?
  • Who is most likely to churn?
  • Which customers are growing at a fast rate?

Using the insights, segment your customer base by various criteria and run targeted campaigns to maximize new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Generate customer loyalty by tailoring your communication and offers to their specific needs. Identify “at risk” customers and prevent churn. Go after your “lost” customers to win them back.

Product Insights

SpryBill Product Insights convert product sales data into revenue growth opportunities. Get answers for tough questions like –

  • Which products are selling the most in volume?
  • Which products are generating the largest revenue?
  • Which products are most profitable?

Easily segment products into Product Groups and Categories based on criteria determined by KPIs. Handle each product segment appropriately by incorporating product insights into your decision-making process. Maximize product gross margins.

Revenue Insights

SpryBill Revenue Insights not only give you the current state, but also slice your revenue by each of your Lines of Business. Get answer to revenue questions such as –

  • Which lines of business generate the most revenue?
  • Which lines of business are the most profitable?
  • Which lines of business have the most subscribers?

Use the insights to determine where your growth efforts must be focused on.

Snapshot Insights

SpryBill Snapshot Insights give you a quick glance at the current status from revenue and operations viewpoints. Get answer to snapshot questions such as –

  • What is your current deposit liability?
  • List of unposted AR transactions?
  • List of stalled processes and pending notifications?

Plug revenue leaks, resume stalled processes, process pending notifications, and keep your operations humming.

Usage Insights

SpryBill Usage Insights give you a 360-degree (revenue, minutes, and calls) overview of your call streams. It allows you to perform elaborate call traffic analysis to set rate plans and utilize your network in optimal fashion. Get answers to call traffic questions such as –

  • Which countries make up majority of your international traffic?
  • Which NPAs constitute majority of your domestic traffic?
  • On what days of the week is your call traffic the busiest?
  • At what hour of the day is your call traffic the busiest?

Segment your calls into usage groups and categories using various criteria and perform detailed profit margin analysis. Leverage call insights to negotiate with your carriers.