Dashboards & Insights

Dashboards & Insights

SpryBill Dashboards offer an at-a-glance overview of information essential for your executive and management teams. Dashlets - individual presentation widgets in the SpryBill Dashboard - provide financial, product and operational insights and KPIs in an easy digestible interactive graphical representation (graphs, charts, bar diagrams, tables etc.).

SpryBill Dashboards are an indispensable decision-making tool that gives you the big picture and allows you to dig into the details. SpryBill Dashboards are included as part of core SpryBill Analytics offering.

Built-In Targeted Dashboards

SpryBill includes a variety of pre-built dashboard library focused on providing info to various teams in your organization

  • Executive dashboards
  • Financial dashboards
  • Operational dashboards

Build Custom Dashboards

Create your own custom dashboards by choosing from over a hundred pre-built billing and financial Dashlets. Choose to share your custom dashboards with your team. Open selected dashboards automatically when you login to the application – get a quick overview before you start your day.

Choose to keep your dashboards private or share with your team. It is an easy way to grow your dashboard library in meaningful ways that fit your organization.

Export & Share

Share interesting insights with your team and even others outside your organization by exporting the Dashlets into PDF format and emailing them. The PDF export of a Dashlet preserves the presentation and interactivity. It is akin to a small self-contained applet focused on presenting a specific insight.

Dashboard Security

SpryBill Dashboards put data crucial to your organizational success at your fingertips. This data tends to be sensitive and proprietary. Control access to every Dashlet in the application at the individual user or role level. You want all of your teams to use dashboards to leverage hidden insights in your data. At the same time, you can be selective in which team gets access to what data.