Acquire leads from multiple sources and marketing campaigns. Import leads in bulk and distribute/assign them to your team members. Manage your leads by categorizing & filtering them. Assess and rank your leads. Implement your own lead processing workflow and follow through to successfully generate new business opportunities. Convert leads to Opportunities and Customer accounts efficiently.

Use BriskCRM’s 360-degree view and gain access to all information related to a lead in one place, including lead communications (emails and SMS messages), documents and notes. Leverage BriskCRM analytics to gain insights into your lead management policies. Easily identify quality lead sources and most productive sales personnel from lead conversion data and maximize your return on investment.


Manage your sales pipeline with clarity. Get a snapshot of all open opportunities and what sales stage they are in. Customize the sales pipeline to fit your unique sales process. Track opportunities by leads and lead sources. Monitor all activities associated with opportunities and get notified of any changes in the sales stage. Rate your opportunities and estimate revenue. Prioritize the opportunities that are more important to you. Track all communication – emails and SMS – associated with the opportunity right from the 360-degree view.


Collect and manage contacts easily by importing them in bulk or converting your leads. Manage contacts associated with opportunities and all of your customers. Track contact’s association with marketing campaigns. Track all communications with each contact from the contact view.

Account Management

Provide easy access to your customer account information to your sales, marketing and service teams. Let your marketing and sales teams mine your billing data to discover cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Access all account data including billing, documents, notes, opportunities, support cases and customer communications from one place using the customer 360-degree view. Be efficient and improve productivity.