Case Management

The highly configurable case management helps you provide great support services to your customers. Add multiple case types (Billing, IT, Product Support etc.) and setup a different workflow for each case type. Classify and categorize your cases. Assign severity and priority to each case. Ensure each case is handled appropriately and promptly. Receive email and SMS notifications on case status changes. Run extensive analytics on case handling to improve your support operations. Ensure every case is handled to your customer’s satisfaction.


Store and manage frequently asked questions (along with answers) about your products and services in BriskCRM. This can be an important knowledge resource for your sales and support staff while handling customer requests and enquiries. Selected FAQs can also be posted to Customer Self-Care Portal - giving easy access to the knowledge base to your customers. Empower your customers and cut your support costs at the same time.


Create and post knowledge base articles about topics that are important to your product and service offerings. The articles can act as a guide or reference for your sales and support staff while handling sales enquiries or support cases. Selected articles can be posted to Customer Self-Care Portal so they can be accessed by your customers. Provide knowledge via readily accessible articles and reduce the number of support calls.