Usage Taxing

Taxing & Exemptions

Built-in or Third Party

SpryBill supports a pliable taxing strategy that meets your organizations taxing needs. SpryBill comes packaged with a built-in tax calculation engine that has comprehensive support to setup, manage and calculate international taxes including US and Canada.

You can also opt to utilize third party tax services from providers such as Avalara. SpryBill taxing is built on plug-in technology and ships with a plug-in for Avalara’s EZ-Tax and EZ-Geo solutions.

Tax Rates & Coverage

Setup flat, percent or tiered tax rates for any combination of tax authorities (to whom you remit taxes to), tax types and tax locales (geographic areas with same tax burden). Compute tax-on-tax based on rules. Compute taxes across multiple jurisdictions for selected products. Define custom taxes to meet your tax computation and remittance needs. Automatically assign tax locales to customers based on phone number, zip code or address. Tax assignment via geo-coding is available through third party integration (Avalara’s Ez-Geo).


Assign GL accounts at tax authority and tax type levels to facilitate easy import of tax data from SpryBill to your accounting system. Option to automatically credit taxes when charges are credited. Allows you to credit just the tax portion of line items – useful when taxes were applied in error.


Setup tax exemptions for specific tax types at tax locale, customer category or at a specific customer level. Store customer exemption certificates attached to the customer accounts using document management.

Processing & Automation

Run taxing as a separate batch or integrated as part of billing. This allows you to compute taxes on your usage at frequent intervals (daily, hourly etc.) without having to run billing. Taxes can be computed at a very high speed and scaled further to meet your volume needs.

Tax Reporting

Generate summary or detailed tax reports to help in your tax compliance and regulatory reporting. Flexible tax grouping for displaying tax summaries in statements. Detailed tax logging for both native and third party tax engines to help with auditing.