Usage Surcharges

Collective Surcharges

SpryBill’s Collective Surcharges features allows you to conditionally apply surcharges or discounts when the total usage/call volume either satisfies or falls short of specific conditions and thresholds. Collective surcharges come in handy when dealing with interconnect and wholesale billing. The Collective Surcharge platform is built on plug-in architecture and allows easy enhancements to cater to any crazy surcharge or discount agreement that you have entered into or offered your partner or customer. Don’t let your billing system curtail your freedom in making innovative deals and offers.

Collective surcharges are another way to ensure profitability by accounting for factors that can only be determined by examining the entire traffic of a partner or customer account over the billing period. Here is a sample of collective surcharges included in the system.

Blended Surcharge

Can be leveraged if usage/call traffic can be routed through different carriers. Create surcharge schemes that allow you to divert traffic through more profitable channels by specifying thresholds and either offering incentives or applying penalties to the traffic that is routed through specific channels.

Short Duration Surcharge

Specify thresholds for acceptable percentage of short duration calls (that are less profitable/burden) of the whole traffic and apply penalties if the thresholds are breached.