Usage Auditing

Call Auditing

Thoroughly audit your usage/call detail records (CDR). Know what is happening with your CDRs at any time. Take corrective measures. Ensure every billable CDR is billed.

CDR Snapshot

SpryBill's usage/call processing framework provides a detail audit trail for every single usage/call detail record (CDR) read by the system. Get a snapshot of all usage/call detail records (CDRs) that are currently in the system and what state they are in – Discarded, Purged, Formatted, Formatter Error, Rated, Rater Error, Taxed or Tax Error, Billed etc. You can obtain audit status by carrier or by a specific CDR file from the carrier. Quickly hone in on CDRs in error status and move them along SpryBill's Usage Processing Workflow to get them all billed.

Error Statistics

SpryBill provides details Error Statistics Reports for every process/phase in SpryBill usage/call detail processing workflow. Find the number of different errors that occurred during any phase of CDR processing and the number of CDRs in each error state. SpryBill catapults you into easily taking corrective measures to address the errors and move the CDRs along the processing workflow.

Plug Revenue Leaks

Every usage/call detail record that does not get billed is potentially revenue lost. Finally, you have the tools in SpryBill Auditing to address all of your CDR loopholes. “NO CDR LEFT BEHIND” is an achievable goal. Plug all CDR revenue leaks.