Subscription Management

Subscription Management

Elastic Billing

Setup billing cycles and generate recurring invoices at a frequency of your choice - daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual. You can even create a frequency of your own such as once in 3 weeks or once in 5 months.

Elastic Billing also allows you to choose the charge frequency (daily, weekly, monthly or annual) for specific products/services regardless of billing frequency. You can be invoicing your customers once a month but apply certain charges on quarterly or annual basis. You can mix and match the billing cycle and product charge frequencies to cover all of your billing requirements.

Arrears or Advance

Charge your customers in arrears (for product/service already provided) or in advance (before the product/service is provided). These options are available for every charge assigned to every customer account. This affords complete freedom for you to determine the best way to bill every section of your customer base.

Flexible Prorating Options

You have 3 flexible options when a recurring product/service is started or terminated mid-month/billing period:

  • Zero charge (do not charge for the partial period)
  • Prorate based on duration
  • Full Charge (charge for the entire month)

Advance Scheduling

Pre-schedule your charges to start and terminate on a specific date or after a certain period (3 months, 1 year etc.). Termination can also be scheduled to occur after a specified number of billings.

Custom Pricing & Margin Analysis

Track the cost of every product/service subscription and perform granular profit margin analysis. Adjust your pricing to ensure every subscription is profitable. Setup standard pricing and override default cost & price appropriately for each subscription. Ultimate flexibility in offering your customers personalized deals.

Contracts & Purchase Orders

Create contracts that bind your customers for varying length. Enforce penalties if the terms are broken. Run contract status reports to obtain a list of expiring contracts. Proactively approach your customers for contract extension – prolong your customer retention.

Create and track purchase orders for specific products/services for a customer account. You can assign a purchase limit for each purchase order and track the status of each purchase order as you bill your customers. Run purchase order status reports and proactively pursue extensions.