Product Catalog Management

Product Catalog Management

Create and manage thousands of products and services across all of your lines of business. Classify your products, search and group them to fit your marketing philosophy. Innovate by launching new products, with unique pricing strategies, in just minutes.

Lines of Business

Assemble your product & service offerings into lines of business (VoIP, Internet, Cable etc.). Maintain a well-defined product catalog with detailed description of every product/service offering in all lines of business. Obtain revenue and profitability information for each line of business. Set up bundles and discounts across multiple lines of business (“double play”, “triple play”) and promote cross-product up sell.

Classification & Grouping

Classify products into multiple levels - by Category and Class. Group products with similar characteristics into product groups. Add products to an unlimited number of groups. Run reports by Product Category, Class or Product Group. Know your best selling products, categories and groups and focus on them appropriately.

Profit Margin Analysis

Maintain both cost and price of every product/service and charge transaction. Run Profit Margin Analysis reports to determine the profitability of every product/service. Highlight your profitable products to maximize returns.

Product Documentation

Product descriptions can only go so far in documenting the product. You need brochures, product images, warranty info and other documents that paint the complete picture. Store and manage all product documentation including brochures, images, and warranties in SpryBill. Provide easy access to the product documentation to your staff as attachments of the product.

Custom Fields

Create product specific custom fields to store and manage information specific to a product assignment such as license keys, serial numbers, and IP addresses.

Bundles & Packages

Bundle products across multiple lines of business to offer your customers comprehensive services. You can create all-in-one packages by bundling one-time setup costs, recurring charges, deposits, discounts, surcharges and usage rate plans.