Wholesale Billing

Wholesale Billing

High Volume & Scalability - Grow Your Business

SpryBill is intrinsically built to rapidly scale on demand without any drop in performance. Growth is a primary goal of every organization. Along with growth comes the need to scale your infrastructure to handle the growth. We can scale both horizontally and vertically to handle your load requirements.

Our expert team is experienced in continuously monitoring the health of the infrastructure – CPU, IO, Memory, Storage – to ensure optimum performance. Our software is architected to take full advantage of available resources and is capable of processing billions of transactions in real time. Outgrowing your billing system will not be a concern.

Mediation & Pairing

SpryBill Procurement and Mediation platform automates the tedious job of acquiring usage/call detail records and normalizing them to be prepped for rating and billing. Our innovative batch processing and error handling methodologies ensure human errors are minimized and kick your operational efficiencies into high gear. Our SpryBill mediation platform is capable of correlating multiple related CDRs from different switches into single billable CDR records. Please see SpryBill Usage Procurement and Mediation modules for more information.

Automated Rate Management

Wholesale agreements are often renegotiated based on traffic volume and other factors. SpryBill's Rate import module makes it easy to import your rate decks or revise existing rate decks. You can automate the entire import process to run automatically when new rates are available. The rate import process runs in batch mode thus importing rates in bulk efficiently.

Carrier-Grade Rating

Wholesale demands a different set of capabilities from the rater module and SpryBill's rating engine has you covered. The SpryBill rater can process large volume of CDRs in a short amount of time. You can implement “real-time rating” by automating the rater process to pick up and process CDRs as they become available.

The SpryBill rater allows you to set rates based on a combination of a long list of parameters such as origination, destination, call type, duration/size, date and time, and the carrier. You can rate CDRs from different carriers on different rate decks. Please see SpryBill Usage Rating for more info.

Re-Rating & Margin Analysis

SpryBill supports the storage of multiple alternate rates along with the sell-rate for each CDR. This allows you to re-rate CDRs based on different rate decks to perform “What-If” analysis on your CDR traffic and negotiate more profitable contracts with your partners. SpryBill margin analysis reports clearly highlight current profitability and also profitability for any of your “What-If” analysis scenarios. It allows you to make informed decisions on the business end. SpryBill supports rating deactivation and post-cycle re-rates which play a critical role in error correction and in handling of retro-active contract amendments.

Monitoring, Reporting & Notifications

SpryBill Automation allows you to setup and have the system real-time rate CDRs automatically as they become available. SpryBill also includes a powerful notification framework that can be leveraged to send nptifications via email or SMS on specific events such as when a mediation or rating process finishes. You can also attach specific conditions like “only if more than a certain number of calls fail” to your notifications to fine tune and receive notification only under certain circumstances.

SpryBill includes comprehensive reports that provide detailed information and statistical analysis on every process in CDR processing workflow. Leverage these to accelerate your decision-making process. You can also have any of these reports automatically delivered to you via email.

Elastic Billing (Improve Cash Flow)

The volume involved in wholesale billing necessitates shorter billing cycles to improve cash flow. Leverage SpryBill's Elastic Billing and accelerate your billing cycles. Bill daily, alternate days, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on any schedule that fits your needs. Apply one-time, recurring, and usage charges in any of the billing cycles. Choose to bill only usage frequently (daily or weekly) and recurring charges on monthly basis. SpryBill Elastic Billing is infinitely flexible in accommodating your every billing need.

Accounting & Adjustments

SpryBill includes comprehensive accounting capabilities that will allow you to issue Credit and Debit memos against specific accounts to affect the account balance immediately. Credits and debits posted to an account are included in the subsequent invoices and statements. Elastic Billing is infinitely flexible in accommodating your every billing need.

Partner Web Portal

SpryBill's Customer Self-Care Portal includes several features that can be leveraged to meet your partner needs. Give account access to your partners/customers and allow them make necessary changes to their account info without having to go through your support personnel. You can even make CDRs available for download on the Customer Self-Care Portal, in a format of their choice in daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Auditing & Revenue Assurance

SpryBill includes extensive auditing capabilities that will help you achieve revenue assurance by not leaving a single billable CDR behind. Please see SpryBill Usage Auditing for more info.