Discounts & Promotions

Discounts & Promotions

SpryBill’s powerful discounting platform lays a strong foundation for you to compete in the marketplace. Acquire new market share and keep your existing customers happy by offering a wide variety of promotional discounts.

Complex Discount Types

The SpryBill “rules based” discount engine supports a variety of discount types – from simple discounts on a single product to complex discounts covering multiple products and bundles.

  • Flat discounts (dollars off)
  • Percentage discounts
  • Volume discounts (based on the quantity of product/service, number of calls or minutes)
  • Revenue discounts (based on the invoiced amount for product/service or calls)
  • Tiered discounts (volume and revenue discounts applied separately for each volume tier)
  • Apply discounts to selected products, usage, or entire order
  • Discounts based on customer credit rating and/or length of customer relationship (loyalty rewards)

Short Lived or Extended

Create time-based discounts for a specific time period (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Holiday season) to meet the expectations of the marketplace. You can also assign discounts to customer accounts with a fixed duration (first month free, 50% off for the first 3 months etc.). Apply discounts immediately or schedule them to be applied well in the future.

Flexible Scope & Rules

Fully control what is discounted (a single product or a group of products from multiple lines of business forming a bundle), how much is discounted (flat, percent, and tiered discount), who is offered the discount (a single customer or a select group of customers), when the discount should be calculated (time based rules) and under what conditions.

You can design innovative discounts bundled across lines of business that your competition will find hard to match. For example, offer 500 additional free minutes per month when the customer signs up for a High-Speed Data Plan.

Loyalty Discounts

Go beyond risk analysis in your product upsell opportunities and encourage customer loyalty by instituting loyalty rewards programs. SpryBill discounts and promotions can be configured to use customer credit rating as one of the parameters in issuing discounts.

Discount Wizard

SpryBill's discount configuration wizard makes it easy to create and manage complex discounts and promotions by asking the right questions and walking you through the steps.