Communication Management

Communication Management

Today’s customers expect personalized communication from their service providers that are relevant and accessible through multiple channels. Our communications management helps you generate and deliver personalized communications such as letters, invoices, statements, and customer correspondence from a single platform over multiple channels. We go beyond delivery and help you store and track communications received from your customers as well.

Communication History

All customer communication, regardless of the channel (letters, emails, SMS), is securely stored in the system. It is easily accessible right from the Customer 360-degree View. Prior communications with the customer tell an important story. Leverage the easy access to that story, to better serve your customers. Improve customer satisfaction.

Personalized Communications

Create personalized communication templates for each channel (letters, emails, SMS). Combine them with existing customer, lead, or agent data to deliver highly personalized communications. Streamline your communication processes and improve efficiency. Customize the content and design for each channel and deliver the right message through the channel of their choice.

Multi-Language Support

Reach all of your customer segments using our multi-language support. Satisfy your customer preference not only for the channel of communication, but also the language of the communique. Comply with all language based regulations.

Multi-Channel Delivery

Easily deliver the same message over multi-channels. Our channel preference management allows you to track your customer's preferences and use the right channel automatically. Engage with traditional customers or millennials from the same platform.

Customer Engagement

Engage with your customers proactively by communicating with them on items relevant to their accounts. Tailor upsell and cross-sell promotions to their unique needs and improve time-to-market. Strengthen your customer relationships and become a true partner.